I own A Crybaby Wah. Its my only pedal and it cost more than my guitar. I would like all of you Ug'ers esteemed opinions on some various ways of applyng the Wah In my playing.

i.e. tapping the beat with the wah.

e -------15^1-
b ----13-------
g -14----------
I like doing really big bends and push the wah all the way down with it ala Kirk Hammet. off topic though, Im from MA and i have relatives in Franklin.
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i like doing a trill on say the 2nd fret of the g string and the open g string and opening the wah. oh and picking a triplet real fast and openeing the wah slowly.
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On the clean channel of your amp, set a delay (which I doubt you have yet) and use the wah pedal slowly. Play some slow pieces, and use the basic major and minor scales- no pentatonic scales- this will give a spacy, ambient sound. 'Wobbling' the wah (shaking it with your foot so the sound 'wobbles') is pretty cool sounding too, listen to Incubus's 'Battlestar Scratchlactica' for some of that.
I love using the sweep of the wah really slowly with anything I'm playing. It gives it an awsome dynamic.

When I solo, I don't pay attention to what I'm doing with the wah, it just flows.
cool I like it. keep em coming. And hah cool A fellow frankliner. sorta.
e -------15^1-
b ----13-------
g -14----------
RATM trick!

Put the wah in the down position and switch it off. Then use your distortion (if you have). Play whatever riff with the distortion but then you can flip on the wah and have an immediate frequency boost.
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play a note at any point on the fretboard, and then rock the wah to the point where the sound starts to sound like feedback.

ex. aaaaaaaaaah->ouuuuuuuuuuuu

i wish they had a pedal that does this without the wah, that would be cool. if you don't get it, just act.
They do wooden, it's called a DF-7 BOSS Pedal.......

Any way, Drop C tune, Slide slowly from C#5 to the c#5 while stepin the wah slowly.....

Or, do random harmonics with yer pinky and step the wah in a 18th beat (that's like totally leg crammin).......

Got it all from a Joe Satriani fansite......
Tone is all ...... well probably 75%, in your fingers.
The rest depends on your wallet's thickness !!

Keep the faith, baby!!
if you want some diffeent wah sounds try messing round with your wah tone, some pedals are adjustable so you can make it sound like your guitar is burping. wah pickslides can sound pretty damn good too