can someone expalin 3/4, 2,4 and 6/8 time to me please thanks
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3/4 is 3 crotchets in a bar, 2/4 is two crotchets in a bar, 6/8 is 6 quavers in a bar. best thing to think is the first number is how many and the second is what type they are i.e. 2-minim 4-crotchet 8-quaver 16- semiquaver...
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I thought I knew the difference but he^ confused the crap out of me. 3/4 means there a three beats in a measure and the quater not(#/4) gets the beat. It makes sense becase 1/4 is a quater of something. In 6/8 there are six beats in a measure and the eighth notes get the beat. So in 3/4 you count |1 2 3| 2 2 3| 3 2 3| 4 2 3| and in 6/8 you count |1 2 3 1 2 3| |2 2 3 2 2 3|( | |being a measure). That is the way I was taught. I didn't think they did anything different really but they actually all have their own feel and different beats are emphasized.
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^ actually, the two of you are both wrong. in 6/8 time the 8th note (quaver) DOES NOT GET THE BEAT. it is compound time, so the dotted quarter note gets the beat. there are 2 beats in 6/8, not 6. bah, screw it, just read through this thread. after you read that, come back and ask any more questions you have.
This is how I was taught on violin.

1 e and u 2 e and u 3 e and u

1 e and u 2 e and u 3 e and u 4 e and u

1 e and u 2 e and u 3 e and u 4 e and u 5 e and u

"U" is pronounced "uh" and if you were to follow this properly you would keep time and understand the basics of timing. Its really not the most confusing thing.