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Mine would probably be While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Helter Skelter, The End, and Here, There and Everywhere.
Yeah, man.
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Yelow Submarine.
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Let it be, in my life, twist and shout, the fool on the hill, hey jude, yesterday, she loves u, come together.
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Let It Be, Yesterday, Hey Jude, Here Comes The Sun, Yellow Submarine, A Day In The Life, Blackbird... aw man, ALL OF THEM! lol
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While My Guitar Gently Weeps... that and Yesterday are the only Beatles songs I have ever actually enjoyed listening to.
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WHile my guitar gentle weeps is awesome........ Clapton played the solo though...... I also love hey jude and come together
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Polythene Pam, The End, Help!, Good Morning Good Morning, I Am The Walrus, Paperback Writer, Day Tripper, Blackbird, While My Guitar etc., Got To Get You Into My Life, Sgt. Pepper (both, any all w/e), and Lovely Rita because of a girl i know named Rita
and many more

all of them
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day tripper (great jam song), while my guitar gently weeps, and I LOVE helter skelter because it was a lot heavier then your classic beatles material..
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I think we're all forgetting their very best song, "Revolution #9."
"There's Jimmy Page, one of the biggest thieves of American black music to ever walk the Earth."
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Come together, and hey jude. yellow submarine is lame im sorry its just wierd.
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Quote by ufossuck
I think we're all forgetting their very best song, "Revolution #9."

That song has always intrigued me for some reason.

The End, Blackbird, Martha My Dear, I've Got A Feeling, Sgt. Peppers, the list could go on alot farther...
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every song they ever made - the end, Oh! darling, I want you, love you to, polythene pam, anna(go to him).
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Fool on the hill, strawberry fields forever, blackbird, im just happy to dance with you, and a whole other bunch of songs.
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Oh! Darling, possibly.

Hey Jude pales in comparison to the Wilson Pickett version I have (with Duane Allman on guitars, I might add).
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euh, isn't the wilson pickett song the original? maybe you didn't know, but pickett covered it from the beatles. or if you knew, you just compared it to the cover so then, don't mind me

i like all beatles songs, especially the later ones. favorites are: i want you (she's so heavy), norwegian wood, black bird, while my guitar gently weeps, a day in the life, i've got a feeling,...

i must say i love the cover of eleanor rigby, done by ray charles. it sounds much stronger, but i also love the original of course!
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i love them all equally
Tears in waves, minds on fire
Nights alone by your side
don't look now
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I couldn't choose one.

But at the moment 'Dr Robert' is my favourite...such a cool song.
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I love all Beatles songs except Yellow Submarine. Every time I talk about the Beatles, people are like "OMG YELLOW SUBMARINE TOTALLY KICKS ASS!!!"
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Don't Let Me Down
Yer Blues
And I Love Her
Good Morning Good Morning


I think a more effective thread would be, "What don't you like by The Beatles?".
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currently i love "get back". but "day tripper" and "hello, goodbye" are both pretty darn good as well.
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A Day In the Life is here.


Everything else is here.


Everything else by pretty much any other band ever is here.
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Here, There and Everywhere

The most amazingly moving song ever.

Something a close second, Eleanor Rigby, Let it Be, Get Back, I Want To Hold Your Hand, Yesterday.

There are a huge amount of fantastic beatles songs.
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a day in the life
in my life
ive got a feeling
while my guitar gently weeps
the whole abbey road medley
a lot of their older stuff too
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taxman, something, i want you (she's so heavy), dear prudence, basically any with a good bass part
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All of SGT Pepers

all of Revolver
all of magical mystery tour

and most of whats on the white albumm

ahh **** I like em all.......
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Blackbird, Norwegian Wood, Helter Skelter, Rocky Racoon
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