Hey UG,

Sorry about another "what effect thread" but i just saved up about $675AU for 2 effect pedals. I was thinking; i want a digitech whammy pedal, but is it worth the $450? i also want a nice distortion pedal. I have a Boss HM-2 but its fairly lame for tone, too much 80's mids. I got a BOSS super overdrive for my mellower blueys kind of stuff but i want a distortion that will satisfy my rock stuff. I play mainly Muse, Radiohead, Rage Against the Machines (hence why i want the whammy, all those bands use it), Smashing pumpkins etc. kinda alternate rock. Now i know the pumpkins use a big muff and i know the big muff will be good for muse, but i really like the Johnny Greenwood style distortion. I know he used a Marshall Shredmaster but they're discontinued and i dont wanna buy off ebay. Anyone know of any distortion pedals that could maybe do both? If none can do both, do you know of any that can match the Shredmaster? And will the Whammy be worth it? I do play in a couple of bands and are looking for my own but yeah... you understand, right? Anyway what do you guys think?I also like Steve Vai, Joe satriani style soloing.
Thanking you in adnavce.


P.s Sorry for making you read so much.
I think the Boss DS-2 is a great pedal. You can get very good sounds out of that things. There are two different modes, volume, tone, all that stuff.
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Look into a Rat for distortion. Johnny gets alot of his distortion sounds from it, moreso than from the Shredmaster. A Muff won't be too good for Muse, his fuzz sounds mainly come from a ZVex, a much more demented piece of circuitry. But it would nail Pumpkins, as you said.

But definately look into the ProCo Rat, I dunno how expensive they are in Australia, but they're very affordable in the States.
The pro co's are definently in my price range here. I know Thom Yorke uses one but i didnt know Johnny did. But anyway thanks for that ill definently look into both. I do love muse but i can get an alright Muse fuzz sound with my amps distortion and my super overdrive together. Thanks.
well if its cheaper, I'd look into the EX7 Expression Pedal. its got the classic whammy stuff (detune, m2>M3, 5ths, octave ^, 2 octaves ^, octave ^> octave V, and reverse 2nds) plus the XP300 Synth sounds. i highly reccommend it, if you want those 2 alone. if you want all the nonsense the WH4 has to offer, then you should get that.
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IMO, the whammy is cool to have, but in most cases, a waste of money. I would invest in pedals you actually need first.

For distortion, either go with the Rat, which is a great pedal, or you could go a slightly different route.

You could get the Visual Sounds Jackyl and Hyde Ultimate Overdrive....that would allow you to sell your overdrive pedal also, as the Jackyl and Hyde has 2 modes....overdrive, and distortion, which you can use in anyway you wish! Very very versatile, and easy to use!
Well with the thing that i should buy other pedals 1st i already have a wah wah, flanger chorus, reverb on my amp and those dists i told you about. I was thinking about a delay pedal but i wouldnt use it as much as the Whammy i dont think. To ChickenStu i have a fender twins, built round the 90's and a peavey stack. and if it helps my guitars are a Maton with Dimarzio's (hums), a Tele with Seymours(singles), and a strat copy with Dimarzio's(singles).