This is a song my drummer and I wrote on guitar pro 5. I posted it earlier in GP5 format, but it wont let me do that again. I think its one of the best pieces my drummer and I have written. If you want to hear it better with RSE on gp5, just go to IMPORT in the file menu and click on MIDI and find the file, it will do it just fine. PLEASE CRIT!
thats a really good composition. some of those triplets were extremely fast. can you play all of it? i thought it was very well put together except for the fact that many of the bars were exceeded with the note values, but it wasn't that big of an issue. i really liked it man, i get tired of hearing all the hardcore metal tabs on here, it was really refreshing. keep it up.
crit mine por favor? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=368637
I really like that intro solo. I think it starts off kinda slow after that, then the piano(?) is kinda overwhelming. The transition from that to the next guitar is really great though. That's all. As a whole, it's really nice.
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thanks. I like metal, but writing it isnt very fun unless in progressive. I like experimental stuff. thanks for the crit.
hey sry it took me so long to crit your song. I know i listened to it when i got ur crit, but i never wrote a crit. so here it is.

I really like this. the chord progression is nice. oh heres a guitar. wow thats a nice solo. ok, hmm. the drums fit the piece, dont stand out too much. the piano solo. nice. whoaa!!! guitar solo time, wow amazing. fits. well thought out. 10/10. ok heres a quiet part. acoustic guitar solo. ok. doesnt really stand out asmuch as it could. synths? thats cool. makes it sound mystical. here are the drums. ok here we go, driving towards the end. wow. nice another guiat solo! nice. fade out. great. (hey i didnt use nice)

well, overall great no real improvements i can think of, but the acoustic solo didnt make it for me as much as it couldve. 9/10 nice
wow, that was really cool, the intro was cool, and when the distortion came in, i wasnt expecting that, really well written song, the solo was pretty cool, some parts imo sounded like they didnt really fit, well the piano solo, right before the guitar one, the guitar one is great, otherwise, awesome song!!! crit any of mine please! thanks a bunch