I'm looking to buy a Tele, and needed some recommendations ,

I was looking at the Nashville , Muddy waters custom , highway one

Looking for that jazzy rock tone, if anyone could help with feedback on the guitars , I would very much appreciate it, thank you.
They're pretty sweet, I have a friend who has one of the Muddy Waters ones, plays nicely, VERY nice tone.
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Damn right, I've got the blues.
teles are amazing... i thought about buying one but i decided on my les paul (teles arent good for metal )
it great for blues, country, anything twang, and yes... jazz/rock. oh, and a standard tele would do just fine.
i never was a big telecaster fan, but i did see one in a magazine one time with a floating bridge and it was pretty cool, but i play stratocasters for the most part i got a 2003 american stratocaster
i dont like fenders
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John 5 from Marylin Manson, and Rob Zombie plays a tele, so you can use one for metal.
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if you're going to buy a tele, don't go with fender. G&L was founded by leo fender, and he continued to make advancements on his designs after fender's quality went down the crapper.
basically, if you get a G&L ASAT (tele), you're getting a guitar that beats the crap out of anything fender makes. leo designed it (so it's not some lame knock off). and it'll cost half the price.
even the tribute (import) line is far better than the fenders at the same price.
i've never been tempted to buy a fender, but i'd grab a g&l right now if i had $500-$700.

<note: don't buy their five string basses. 34" scale length >
My friend's dad has a vintage '70's Tele...it played nice, but the neck felt like plastic and it didn't sound too good.
I dont think ill ever buy a strat or tele cause the colors drive me nuts T_T (Except the black/white ones)
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Im getting a tele this week , i cannot wait.

tele + bareknuckle's + stetsbar = ultimate guitar.
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