so, yes, i'm new at this. however, been reading up a lot so...that should help a bit. so mainly, i just want to repaint and give some new knobs and pickguard...here's a conceptual type thing i did in photoshop:

tell me what you think...
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I like the tiger print theme your going with. But I dont really understand your thread. Are you asking for advice on painting or if we like your paint design?
oops, sorry...no, it's my customizing thread...i'll be putting up some pics soon, progress and such...
Oh OK. Cool. I am customizing a Strat right now too. Not many people are checking out my thread tho. I hope yours does well. I'll be watching it.
Why thank you. I really like yours tho. Wish I woulda thought of that paint design before I went with the General Lee... LOL
ok, so i just ordered my new knobs and pickguard, all will be black rather than that bronze color in the picture. also, i'm pretty sure i'm going to paint the headstock the same tiger pattern as the body. not 100%, but most likely...
at the moment, i'm not sure whether to just paint the frontside of the body, or do it all around...?
ok, so here are some pics...not much going on yet...

so, the neck, disassembled...

the headstock...

the headstock again...

the body...

and these are my color options, two different oranges...the line indicates the differences...i'm not sure which to go with...suggestions?

that's all for now...
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I like the darker orange, personally.

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so i'm ready to start sanding, but i'm not sure which way is better, sanding to the wood or scuffing?
Scuff it, and it should come out nice and smooth. Sanding it to the wood takes FOREVER. Its pointless too when you can just scuff and prime, unless you were going to stain the wood.

Also, I noticed you said you wanted to buy new knobs and pickgaurd. If your as cheap as me (Im pretty cheap) you can prime them then paint them. Its easier, cheaper, and you know for a fact that your colors are cordinated. Ittle look pretty bad gold and orange, cuz theyre close to eachother but not close enough. Again, just my opinion.
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i actually have already ordered my stuff...they're going to be all black verses a bronze or orange...
Its easier to just scuff the paint especially if your hand sanding. But if you have a power sander its just as easy to go all the way down to bare wood.
nice tiger print theme!, i like the darker orange, but thats just me

do what you like and how you want to do it

good luck....
so a bit of an update...i've begun sanding, and i'm pretty sure that instead of a tiger striped theme (i was kinda put out after seeing other tiger striped guitars, obviously i know it's not so original, but...), i'm going to do a cherry stain along with all the black pickguard etc...it's not 100%, but close...
so i'm really torn between the tiger stripes or staining...i love the idea of both of them a lot...grr...
ok...so, i've decided to not do the tiger stripes...instead i'll be staining cherry...this is an approximation of what i'd like it to look like...

I like the darker one, looks cool keep us posted.
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