Iv playing four like 3 years i don't know what to practise scales cords songs. then when i start practicing i gust drift off and when i realize it I've bean playing songs iv already mastered it is fun thew but i don't think its improving my skills.
The thing is practising should be fun. there might be little things you need to pick up on. Everyone Practises differently.
^ that was uninformative. id start on some scale theory, at first itll seem useless because you really arent playing any of it, but learn a few good scales in the keys of some songs you know, and try playin around on them, thatll get your fingers faster, maybe find a band you like that has a song you think you cant play, then start working on it. umm, score me some weed...
thats what i do to, that is good cause I've been getting really fast and i haven't learned a new song in months spare a chord progreesion or two and I can shred really well now. Just play the songs you know faster and faster.
learn sum major/minor scales then chord progressions to start out
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Learn scales, and just fool around with them all over the fretboard in different positions.
Learn major and minor triads, barre chords, ect.
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well, if you know what style of music you want to play, choose a song in the style that is WAY out of your reach...that way you can break up the song into sections, make exercises out of the techniques you can't quite get, and learn the song...i believe this is the most effiecient way to practice because it forces you to locate spots where you need to improve, and from there you can find the best way to improve that particular technique...it will also be challenging, so you probably won't be drifting off
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it took you 15 consecutive hours of practice to realize that playing guitar makes you better at playing guitar. congratulations.

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also, don't forget the simple things, like keeping time and economy of motion... try playing licks whilst keeping the left hand in the same position, in order to help you use as many notes within a certain area. Also, every now and then, break out the metronome and do some exercises in picking- don't even use the left hand. Just start off slow, picking on the up and down beats, skipping strings etc (4 picks a string is usually good, until you reach higher bpms). Increase the bpm until you find a point where you can't do it, and keeping trying it at that speed until you get it consistant. I do this on guitar and bass every week for about 2 hours each... that way, you'll also be able to increase your picking speed, and if you can't perfect the basics, there's no point in trying anything harder, because it all comes back down to the basics.

NB. playing at slower bpm makes you think, therefore it's actually harder