Are pulling my my eye lids? That's so repetitive and un-musical...!
Interesting use of rubato, but you're clearly no Chopin...
And you ****ed up around 1:45 and numerous other places...

I liked it, and by liked it...I mean i didn't smash my computer to pieces while bemoaning the death of my soul, and falling into a spiral of bludgeoning depression .
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Sorry buddy, no one can be Joe Satriani, i like your ideas, it needs more though..... You are only playing one note for each hand i think??? You need to use ornamentations to spice it up, and at times the timing seems to dissapear. Use a metronome and work out other notes for each hand (eg play the octaves or 5ths or 4ths) also when leading into a section try and use a 7th (leading note) this will help you blend back into the main theme.
Ps your version of Midnight isnt the best.........

You miss tones of chords and there is no timing, you need to use a metronome!!!!!!!!!!!
Just listening to all your songs..... GET A METRONOME BEFORE I KILL YOU AND EAT YOUR CHILDREN!!!!!
its bad, and the fact that you said you were "the next satriani" makes it sound even worse as i was expecting somthing pretty amaizng.

Also your cover of midnight is awful