Judge for yourself!


Please play the song called "Afternoon in A major"

I wrote this song after being inspired by the song "midnight"
I know my tapping technique and recording is sloppy is pretty sloppy but i'm workign on it.

sorry about the title lol
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Well, i cant tell you cuz the link doesnt work
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"Oh baby baby yes yes YES! YES! *pinch harmonic*"
NO! You're not!

You may be the next famous world-renown rock guitarist, but there's only one Satriani, bitch
I wanna hear it but the link doesn't work.
dont say it was a joke to hide ur shame man, ok u screwd up big deal dont throw the guitar down and be like its not worth it keep tryin untill u can play it better
Why are there so many Satriani wanna b's? I don't know why people can't be happy with individuality... It would be pretty boring if we all only see one color day in and day out, now wouldn't it?

I'm not going to listen to it, if I wanted to hear Satriani, I'd pop the CD in... if I wanted to hear Hendrix, I'll pop in in the CD.

Question: Do you think Hendrix wanted to sound like somebody else?

Guitar 101: Be original! Everything else is cliche'!

Hope you find yourself!
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No ... of course i'm not throwing the guitar down..
i mean it was a joke because obviously i don't have the skills of a guitar god like satriani... yet... i may never get there or maybe I will

and as for individuality ... yeah you have to have your own style and i think i definitely do but theres nothing wrong with being inspired... and honestly who you look up to defines your style...
all the dead guitarists live on by inspiring hendrix isn't dead he lives on through other guitarists ... just like those lions in lion king man...