Saw you staring sideways through a picture you thought could wait
Hanging out in a kind of space created by an artist without a name
The broken silence left behind a closing door
You've got nothing to tell me
That you haven't been told before
No one's worth the trouble you put yourself through
But you've got an obligation
Some newfound legistlation
All this sh!t for another fvcked up truth that won't help you
But nothing really does
And you know she doesn't like it when you cuss
So drink yourself into servitude
And don't make the fuss she wants you to
It's the only way she knows your in there
Thinking of what to do
Anything that helps you escape yourself
Anything that helps you escape yourself
Anything that makes you hate yourself.
I hate comparing things, but this is quite Elliot Smith esque, so well done.

It's no copy or anything, but it has the rhyming and repetition etc.

Loved the ending too.

Nice to see you back.
very... uh, for lack of a better word, exquisite. I was definitely impressed by your ability to make the topic so original through clever metaphor and a tremendous sense of rhyme. Actually ya, it was the quirky and rather off rhyming that made this so good. and good it was, up until the ending where the repetition ruined the mood IMHO, maybe try to make it more special? I dunno. Overall great job, keep up the good work.
The comparisons to Elliott are both a compliment and a curse. But either way, thank you. I'm mixed on the repition myself, by the way.

Yeh, I hate comparing but it has influences.

Anyway, keep the repetition, it'd sound great being played.

Have you recorded it/have any chords?