Heres a song iv been working on. Its pretty much finished though any suggestions on how i could make it better would be much appreciated. Im not exactly sure on the genre, it has aspects of metal, but its kinda happy sounding. the solo is up to the standards of metal though :p no minor pentatonics though, i experimented with some sliding through different scales and minor sweep type things, kinda like some of marty friedmans stuff.

I called it freeride cuz yesterday was my last day of school, and now im 'free' so...ya :p
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Could be a great classic rock song. No flaws really...
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Very good, kudos. It flowed together very well, now all you need to do is record it because i want to see if you live up to the licks.

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I liked it alot, the intro drums I thought I had to much volume to them so you could not hear any other instrutement but when it went to verse they seemed great.
Hmm, it's pretty cool, sounds like AC/DC bumped into Slayer in an alley and had a quick fight, while James Hetfield watched on with his acoustic.

That's a good thing by the way.

I like the lead guitar in the pre-chorus and chorus, the way the frantic pre-chorus flows into a slightly more relaxed chorus works well.
yah, lol, i agree with the AC/DC and slayer fightin in an alley comment, its really cool, i think it flows really well, almost like theres not a dull moment, pretty cool, the solo was awesome. . .check out any of my songs, the up all night one is brand new, thanks, and great song!!! actually, really cool solo, lol, its pretty cool. . .
me likey, but i agree drums at the start were loud as..

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