"S" Stlye cases should work. (Strat cases)
Yeah Dimebag is not the "Greatest Guitarist" of all time... Hendrix maybe... I must go get food to eat with my mouth

$250 for an amp? wow. is it worth it to invest that much in the amp?

No, I dont know where to get one...

But, how is that working out for you?

I was thinking about getting one, but...they dont "look" as cool as regular PRSs...

And, from what Ive played, they dont sound as good either...
well for my home use its fine...im not in any band but if I was I would get something way better

the pickups on the guitar and good for what they are but im getting these to replace the stock 3 singles


look nicer too

anyways yea I was looking at some strat cases on ebay that looked like they would work so ill pick one up..I should look at the music stores first to see if they have one so I dont have to pay shipping & handling fees

thanks for the info

btw...if you want some sound samples I can do some recordings without any music and post them on the net for download...I have some songs I played on my myspace page which is at


this is only a starter guitar for me so i really didnt want to spend allot....i do have a custom made drumset i have spent close to $1,500 on allready.