whats the difference between boost and overdrive. with use of a tube amp of course. btw are there any good things to say about the BBE green overdrive. i'm lookin into the custom audio electronics overdrive/boost by dunlop. that looks pretty awesome as well. any suggestions?
In my opinion, a "boost" is just a clean overdrive. An OD is usually meant to push a tube amp's frontend, adding gain and some "dirt" from it's own sound. A clean boost is usually just meant to "boost" your signal, adding very little of it's own flavor, but rather bringing out what's there already.

I've never tried the BBE green, but I've been happy with the other products I've tried from BBE, like the Maxcom and Maximizer. Tonally, it depends on the sound you're after, but in regards to quality, I've liked their products.

My favorite clean boosters are the Xotic BB Preamp(offers more than just boost too) and Keeley Java boost. The Xotic pedals I've used can almost function as both depending where you set them. My favorite OD's that I've personally tried are the Maxon OD808, Ibanez TS-9, and Xotic AC Booster. The RC booster is also supposed to be excellent. Sometimes you can use a good OD pedal like a boost, just by keeping the OD/Gain way down, and bumping up the level/balance control.
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thanks for the reply. i was just wondering cuz from the samples i heard on musiciansfriend, the boost seems to act just like an overdrive when it turns on