I'm going to get my guitar pretty soon, but I don't know what to do when I get it. I havent played guitar before, so I don't know what to practice. Any suggestions?
Yeah, man.
White stripes - Seven nation army.
first song i learned
very simple
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Get a guitar teacher. I didnt, but i wish i had, it stops you developing bad habits, even if its only for a couple of months or something. Its alot easier than trying to stop them after a couple of years. Play anything that isnt just powerchords. thats an easy trap to fall in when your first playing.
Start with the basic chords.

Google "basic guitar chords" for a better pic

With C, D, Am and G, you can already play Pink Floyd's "Wish you were here", which was my first song (yay!)

Can you read tabs?
^^ I would learn to read music first then move onto tabs
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I know how to read tabs, yes but I'd rather learn the correct way before I start playing. Have you guys any ideas as to where I can look?

And to Sashki: I don't even know what that chart means.
Yeah, man.
Get a metrenome. Start using simple chromatic warm ups(1234) in quarter notes at about 60 tempo and do that every day for about 10 minutes. gradually increase your tempo(1 after every time you go through the entire neck) and every day start over at 60. Also google correct principles for guitar and hit the first link( i think) read some of the stuff there. Its boring but a great way to stop bad habits from happening
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well honestly, as soon as you get your guitar, i think you should have the strings replaced, action adjusted etc. beforehand. all of this can be done at a guitar repair-shop
Learn to play what the hell you want. If it's hard, try hard. Do not let anyone tell you what your limitations are, 'coz it's amazing what you can do if you don't know that you can't do it
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