i would like to know if other people have the same problem as me and how to maybe solve it.

right, my little finger is a little idiot! i cant really use it on its own, its fine in some chords where its beside another finger F & Bm but on its own it dont work. it also goes all flimsey in picking, again, beside other fingers its fine its just so weak and inaccurate on its own. I know you may say practise will help but, i dunno, it hasnt so far.

HELP ME!!!!!
yea i know wat u mean i cant finger tap with my pinky and like its not all coarse at the tip like the rest. i want it stronger cause im fine iwth barre chords but it would help. and like i said im starting to get into finger taps so like if i can strengthen it would be great.
Well, i've strengthen a lot of my fingers thru some series of routine, i can tap and bend using my pinky if anyone's concern. Basically i do some series of practice routine to actually what you call, "separate" the way of your pinky and ring finger moves coz both of them are usually stuck together and moves along if the other one moves.

What i'd recommend you to do is some easy legato routine or picking routine to wear/tire out your pinky, 'till you feel that burn. Also, baroque style picking will also help you to strengthen and separate the "joint-ness" of the pinky and the ring finger.
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i have that problem with my left pinky, it locks up on me.

i've been playing for year and it just started happening recently.
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You just have to strengthen; everybody starts out with a "stupid little pinky".

You don't even have to go through a whole training regiment or anything to strengthen the little guy, either. When playing a piece or song, maybe use your pinky instead of your ring finger during some of the leads. Or, improvise while focusing more on what your pinky is doing.

What you want to do is get it as independant as possible, and as close to all your other fingers, in terms of strength and dexterity, as possible. So logically, the most practical way to do this would be to just use it as often as the other fingers. It's gonna feel awkward at first, but that will go away relatively soon once you start using it more and more.
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It's really hard to get it working right. I just recently learnt Little Wing's intro and I had a lot of trouble with the parts where I had to use my pinky. After about a week I could do it comfortably, but it was a pain starting off. Stick with it, challenge your pinky!
Do this exercise up and down the strings just using your ring and pinky fingers.

Do that and then go back down instead of 3-4 though use 4-3. That will give that area of you hand a brutal beating after a few rounds. If you're not crying then you're not doing it enough.
hey that exercise is ace (i just payed it a few times) and for some odd reason i have a tingle of acheivment running through me.
Ya, it worked for me pretty damn well too. Thats why I recommended it. I knew you would feel that tingle.