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PRS McCarty
21 57%
Gibson Les Paul Standard
16 43%
Voters: 37.
Hey. Today I am going to a local guitar shop to buy or see about buying a Paul Reed Smith (PRS) McCarty or a Gibson Les Paul Standard. I am going to try to haggle with the prices down to $2000, if I can. So which guitar is nicer in sound, feel and quality, and which guitar fits the ability to play the type of music I play?

I like to play rock, classic rock, blues, hard rock, some metal. Bands/artists like Jimi Hendrix, Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, Guns N Roses...

Please, if you want to tell me which one, use the poll. You can also post if you want, but use the poll too.
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Gibson Les Pauls pwn all. No doubt. Except when it comes to shredding... then you just customize it. *Cough*ZAKKWYLDEBUCKETHEAD*Cough*
It sounds from your post that you haven't actually played either of them? If not then when you go to the store, playing them might decide for you.
Les Paul is probably a nicer guitar in my opinion but it seems like everyone has one these days, which is quite annoying.
I have played both. My friend in my band has a really nice Gibson Les Paul standard and its nice too play. He shreds and he does great on it. I tried a McCarty at a store also and it was nice, but I have a feeling that they lied to me. I forgot to look at the headstock for the model because they said it was a McCarty. The pickups and features were different than a McCarty though so I have a feeling it was a Custom 22. It was nice, but it was hard comparing to a les Paul, because they didnt have any for me to try.
thats so stupid that somebody wouldnt play a good guitar just because other ppl use them. That just means they are good guitars thats why alot of ppl use them. That shouldnt stop you from using one that should just encourage you to use one more. because they have been proven awesome
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Ignore everything anyone in this thread says, including me. You need to try em both and decide yourself. Don't ask ANYONE else what they think, you need to figure out what YOU like best when you're spending 2,000..

I know I have to try them... AND I DID! I have tried both. I just want to know, because other people may have more experience with the guitar than I do and may know that they thought it would be good for a certain style, but after a while it wasnt good for that style, or other information.
Sorry about this double post, but I would like to have a lot of people respond to the poll because I will be going to maybe buy the guitar today and I want to have as many responses as I can.
Well, it doesn't matter what other people think is best for what style. Its you that has to decide what is better for your own style. And i know you probably won't like hearing this, but if you're so unsure about what to get, i think you'd be better of waiting with the buying until you ARE sure.

Imagine yourself 6 months from now hating the PRS/Gibson you bought, wishing you'd baught the other. It ain't a pretty picture
You're gonna get more for your money with the PRS. Gibsons are extremely overpriced. Well, so is PRS, but they're better than Gibson for the price.
I'll tell you from experience. The Gibson had AWESOME tone. It's just too heavy and bulky for me. It's a guitar, not a cinder block. The PRS has done me right.... McCarty's are SHHHHHWEEET and I'd go for it anyday of the week. Look at me signature... go ahead... which guitars are still here, and which one did I sell?
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I can't give you one or the other kuz i've never played a PRS. I own an LP custom though, so I can tell you that if you can man up and play a heavy guitar, LP's are ****ing sweet guitars.

no offense to that dude before me

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