With my band getting busy doing some serious gigging and me not owning a decent amp, I've been saving for a gigging amp for a while now.

Right from the beginning I've had my eye on the Vox CC series, it's either that or a Fender. I'm looking for a CC head now because it'll be more convinance, since I dont have a car, and catch the train every where.

Talking to a guy in a guitar shop today, if offered me a discount on a AC30CC head if I buy it from his shop. Its 75,600 yen (656 USD) instead of 94,500 yen (820 USD). Very tempting.

Can anyone from Europe or North America tell me how this price compares, and is it really as good a deal as it seems.

Also who knows the CC heads? Ive tried many AC30CC combo and love them to pieces, just wondering how the heads compare.

R_H_C_P, if you're reading this, you always seem to have good advice and seem to know the CC series pretty well. What do you think?
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That's a great deal. Considering that the tubes in AC30s get the crap beat out of them, having them in a head where they will experience less vibration is a good idea. I played an AC30 head through the matching cab w/wharfdale speakers and it sounded almost exactly the same as the 2x12, the only difference being a little less treble in the head, which I attributed to the ridiculously long speaker cable I was using at the time (20 feet.) I'd say jump on it!
Just for future reference, It's the Vox AC series .

Great amps, with a smooth overdriven tone and great cleans.

Buy it now!
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Hey JayJayE.

If you like the sound of it, buy it, and that's a pretty damn good deal for one, especially if the venus have cabs (I think you said this last time....) so you'll actually have a portable amp, without having to shell out for a cab too.

Personally, I've only played the combos, and not actually the head, but I'm sure it'll sound identical to the combos, amazing that is, so there's nothing to worry about there.

Good luck with everything mate!
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