John Frusciante vs. Omar Rodriguez/Lopez

1.Who do you think is the better guitar player??

2. Who is the better composer/overall musician??

I love Frusciante and Omar as well but I Haven't heard enough of his stuff yet.

(I just got into Omar so anything I should know about him that involves John Frusciante?)

ps. I already know they worked togethere for the solo in "Specially in Michigan" and Mars Volta stuff.
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I want reasons why one is better thant the other.

Frusciante has been around longer, and has a ton more experience. He's just an all around better player. He's an amazing composer and has a playing style that's extremely hard to duplicate. Also, when it comes to his domain, funk rock, nobody comes close.
frusciante is probably my favourite guitarist.

i just completely respect the guy, watching play during the jonny depp documentary just blew me away. the fact he's overcome his personal problems to push RHCP into being one of the biggest bands in the world is pretty inspiring.

i think to get a feel of john you have to see him live, his impro work is amazing imo
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emos forever
Also, when it comes to his domain, funk rock, nobody comes close.

THere are numerous funk guitarists who make Frusciante look like a punk bitch.

Anyway I saw Omar, because Frusciante is creative but listening to both their music you can clearly tell Omar has more talent.
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