A group of three little poems about (unsurprisingly) three animals.

Next to me this songbird sings
Into the night and all is well
Gaining grace and eloquence
Hitting notes never heard before
Though I seem to miss the day
I can never leave this behind
Next to me this songbird sing
Grounded here but not forever
Alas the bird shall fly away
Living life as it may
Every wingbeat melancholy

This terrible yet beautiful beast
It can tear you limb from limb
Growling in shadows near your side
Each of your steps masked to perfection
Running lonely in the jungle heat

Jumping on the green grass of lawn
Astounded by the things you see
Causing mischief the more you play
King of the garden, or so you would see it
Dancing with delight at the revelries you partake of
Astonishing black and grey coat
With wisps of white, you are unmistakable
Wonderful my kilt wearing friend, absolutely wonderful. It's somewhat different to the pork chop song

Just everything was right from the diction to the imagery, i can't think of anything i would change. The tone was spot on in conjunction with the theme of each poem, and the structure is wonderfully consistant.

Brilliant work. Would you mind a look at mine for me please? It's in my signature.