This may have been done before but i havent started a thread in ages do here goes.

basically what wud you say your main strengths and weaknesses are when it comes to playing guitar?

I will start us off

Strengths: Theory knowledge and good basic technique
Weaknesses: Not very fast
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Strengths-decent speed for the time i've been playing
Weakness-lack of theory knowledge and not a lot of technical knowledge or technique
Strengths : extremely adaptable to any form of music, good at making melody lines.
Weakness : RSI kinda thing
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Strengths - Theory, good rhythm, good technique, moderatly good speed, good creativity, chord scale and mode knowledge

Weakness - Sweep picking, i think i can be faster i just need to keep practicing
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strengths: rythem, creativity,
weakness: theory knowledge (none), soloing, applying scales, etc (Why i dont play lead)

Strenght-----you always have a freind if you have music, you can impress people, gives you a talent, gives you self worth, gives you something to enjoy and pass time

Weaknesses-----expensive, time consuming if you want to get good,
strengths- i write catchy, creative, interesting melodies and guitar parts that are fun to play, and i am generally a solid rock guitarist. i can switch seamlessly between rhythm and lead, and i know the fretboard pretty well.

weaknesses- i never went in for that 80's metal and shred crap, so i can't bust out random tapping solos and insane speed runs.