In my new band, we are a jam band and like all jam bands, the energy we put out live when jamming together at the same time has unmatched energy than we can produce recording one person at a time in a studio. So does anyone know of anyway we can capture our live energy without having to record ourselves live in the studio? The only reason I don't want to record live is because my vocals would be a little bit sketchier (coming in late, missing a note, etc.) and my bass player may miss a few slaps and pops. Anyone have any ideas?
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The only way to get that live "feel" is to record live. It's unfortunate but it's the truth.

Rehearsal sessions before you pay for recording are a good idea.

Or, instead of shelling out to buy studio time, you could buy a few high quality mics and a good mixer, and run that into a computer with protools or audition or something. Then you can record every rehearsal even.
record 'live' in the studio, and re-sing it later, if you can mix well enough
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