yeah on certain frets it makes this odd reverb type noise when i play them, it happends on all strings and you noice it the most when the guitars not pluged into and amp. it almost sounds like my body is hollow.(it's not, it's an austin strat knock off) any ideas on what that is?
can you give a more descriptive version of 'odd reverb type noise'? Sounds like somethings moving or come loose in the guitar, or it's just too cheap...?
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when you pick in front of the fret (to the right of your finger on a right hander) you get one sound, the sound you actually want that is, but if you pick the note to the left of your finger youll get another sound, cause the distance's are different on each side, the "odd Reverb sound" is the left side sounding.

thats my interpretation of what the noise is, ive thought of this before you see, sorry if its hard to follow
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