I was reading through the posts and instead of hijack another thread i started this one, i have a vox ad15vt and a dual humbucker guitar. The humbucker i use duncans Pearly gates bridge pickup. Ok my question is in the title would a ds1 distortion pedal give me a any better sound or not, and no i don't want to try it at the music store.

Please post if you have experience and actually tried this particular combination.

In fact i don't even know if a pedal will help on a digital amp or a hybrid like mine.

the ds-1 is a distortion pedal, its would give your sound distortion, the amount is adjustable, what do mean be "help" your sound?, my LP sounds great with it, and thats on line6 but ive heard one used on a marshal 10 watt, sounded great! so much better than overdrive on small amps.
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I use a Boss MT-2 with my Vox AD50VT, my tone is great, Im sure the DS-1 would sound fine aswell.
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Quote by kill em´all
get a metal-2 it is a great pedal!!

Yeah, if you want your amp to sound like a box of bees.
Pretty much any external source of distortion will sound better than the distortion on a small amp.
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I have a Boss Metal Zone and a Vox AD15VT and the Metal Zone doesn't sound anywhere near as good as it could with it.

At first I was puzzled as to why this was, but then That_Pink_Queen told me: the Vox Valvetronix series of amps are modeling amps, and they basically remove all the tone in the signal before processing it, to get good processing tones.

The Metal Zone gets processed as well, and it sounds bad due to that. It's like that with any distortion pedal and modeling amp.

I would recommend maybe saving up for a different amplifier if you want a heavier sound, or getting a non-modeling SS with good cleans and using a distortion pedal with it.


And Ashdown, the Metal Zone is a great pedal...gets very good distortion, just not through a modeling amp.
Well, I own an AD30 VT and DS1. It's a pretty crappy pedal and I don't use it anymore. You can get a much better tone out of the amp than the pedal. Try looking into one of the Line 6 pedals - perhaps a CrunchTone.