ok, i know that changing the value of the cap in the control cavity can alter the sound of a guitar. i was wondering what value cap would give me a sound on the warmer side?
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Haven't tried it but according to who I got it from it should work as a bipolar kind of tone control:

with your regular tone control, take the input from the rest of the wiring the the middle lug. Then from each of the outer lugs you can put a capacitor that goes to ground. This allows you to have 2 different cutoff levels and allows you to blend off between them.
Not sure if it'd affect the stock sound (eg: what was once tone on 10...and would now be tone on 5) a lot.

Otherwise: bigger capacitor cuts off more of the treble

0.022microfarads for singlecoils
0.047microfarads for humbuckers (though I think the difference for these 2 values because in the situation of humbuckers you'd be using 500kohm pots instead )

you could wire the tone control as a push-pull pot that'd allow you to select between 2 different capacitor values

if you replace the capacitor with an inductor you'd in get a mid scoop or boost, can't remember. Haven't tried this one either so I don't know what value would work right.

for more brightness at lower settings of the volume knob you can put a capacitor (0.001microfarads or so) across the first 2 lugs of the volume pot
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i may try that bi-cap idea.
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^I'm thinking so too, but if my knowledge of physics serves me correctly, you'd have to use smaller values, since you are wiring them in parallel.

So if someone had two single coils and one humbucker, all going through one 500k tone and a 500k volume, should they use .22 or .47?

Because I've been using a .22, but I always have to turn the tone on my amp down to 3-5, could using a .47
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