Right, i've just gotten my shiny new bass crybaby, and i was looking for some songs to try out. I've been playing Rage against the Machine for the last hour with it, and i'm hankering for more. Thanks n advance.
ummm. the mars volta i hear use bass wah. O wait thats the guitar using the bass wah. forget i said anything
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Love live metal

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ive seen these before. one guy sold 2 air guitars, for $2 each or something. people are retarded, what can i say.
Tool uses lots of effects.

NIB by Black Sabbath has a big bass solo intro with wah.

Lots of funk music uses wah.
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Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth) by Metallica. It's a great bass instrumental, have fun! =D

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However, if we're being all grown up about this (in the pit?) walkingonspikes is dead on
My favroite thing to do with my wah is to take a cople of scales and improve some ****.

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Some Red Hot Chilis stuff has bass wah in it like Higher Ground (dunno how handy you are at slap bass though) and Audioslave has some too
Cliff Burton (Metallica bassist for their first three albums, as you ought to know), uses wah a lot on his live improvisations, and on Anaesthesia (PUlling Teeth) on Kill 'Em All, as another guy mentioned, so check out early live Metallica stuff.
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I thought Schism was a Whammy pedal set one Octave up? If i had a Crybaby i would make up crazy original songs. But that's just me. Do some crazy tapping with even crazier wah effects.
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The Call Of Ktulu has bass wah in it.
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