Hey fellas,

I get the feeling i'm gonna get alot of people's personal opinions on this, regardless of what I have to say, but i'm gonna say it anyways. First off, because this is a custom guitar thread, i value the opinions of people who know what they're talking about, like those that have made their own guitar or have played many (or both). What i'm looking for is a guitar and case between $300-$500. I already have a blue squier stagemaster that i learned on so i prefer the LP styling. I want something better and different, but inexpensive (not cheap, cheap breaks and inexpensive is a good deal). I want something fast and with low action. I've played rhythm to death and would like to expand my lead ability. Since I'm not a guitar expert, I'm limited to what i know and therefore value any advice and information an "INTELLIGENT" guitar person might say. Please no stupid pointless posts. Thanks guys!
Have you ever thought of an Epi LP Special II? I have played a sh*t load of those and even owned one for a while. They are pretty kick ass little guitars for what you pay. The only thing you may want to do is switch pickups in it. I found all the ones I played had real weak sounding pups.
Hey there, try looking at the Ibanez GRG270B, it has an Ibanez Licenced Floyd Rose double locking tremolo the action is super fast and low, they are built to last and sound great, that would set you back about $380. I own one in jewel blue and the finish is awsome the black hardware compliments the blue.

Steve Vai Style pickup config and switching plus Joe Satriani style construction give this guitar an edge on both rhythm and Lead guitar
Alot of people recommend Agiles but I haven't had a first hand experiance with it.
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Also i just had another thought - Check out this Jackson KE3 Kelly, i have played one and the action and finish are both superb. Plus - Two Seymour Duncan pups, not the plain old duncan design ones oyu get in the normal KE3.


yeah i know it is over $500, but the extra money would be well worth it