Well I just bought a Godin guitar today and wow is all I have to say about...This has 2 single coils, 24 fret rosewood fret bored and a Mirror cover on the body to blind people at my shows! lol..any one else have a godin?
I've never played one but I saw one in my Guitar World. magazine. It looked a bit weird. I bet that they play well though.
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i was thinking about buying the freeway classic, but the trem would go o ut of tune, so instead i bought an Austin...what model did you buy?
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The radiator, it has a great metal tone and clean which is what im looking for and I can change the front of the guitars body to some feckd up designs!! 10/10..I'll post pictures asap!
Godin, isn't that a brand of uhh, Hamer? Or am I just having a retarded moment...
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I'd say retarded moment, they are a Canadian company (go Canada!). I believe Hamer is an American company. I've played quite a few of their lower end guitars, they all surpassed my expectaions of quality for the price.
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My brother has a nice one. I forget the model right now, but it sounds and feels great, plus it has a pwnage quilted top.
Really I think they make the best guitars for not so high prices! and they dont get a much reconition as they deserve!
I know they are sooo cheap for what they are. I have only found 1 Gibson Les Paul and 2 PRSs that actually compare to how nice my Godin feels. And my Godin was only $300-400! Mines Freeway Classic. I recommend it to anyone. It just needs some locking tuners, as it goes out of tune fast.
They look real nice too bad there's no dealer near me.
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yea i had a godin as my first guitar still got it now, awesome playabilty had to change the pickups though
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yeah... Godin guitars are very nice. I've had my Godin LGX3 for quite a while and I've put it through hell and high water... I got it for about $1,200 around 3 years ago and it still sounds like a brand new guitar (minus the nicks and scratches). If I were to go get another guitar, I would look at Godins first.


check out the date on that thread!!!

tryin to hype up the guitar before you try and sell it again?!?

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