Alright, my band has only been together for about 2 months, and we practice once a week, or sometimes every other week. We've got a drummer, a bass player, and a guitar player.....no singer. weve got 5 good covers, about 3 decent originals, but no singer. it seems like were kinda losing motivation with no singer, cus its just a little boring sounding, since its not very compliated music. So how should we go about getting a singer? schools out, so i dont know how. and should we keep practicing regularly till we get one, or do you think we should take a little break till we get one?
Keep practice!!! To play together get you to know etchother better both as friends and how you play. you get better of playing with others.

set an add in a papper!
go on myspace and post a bulletin to all your chums to see who the best singer is
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First thing, keep practicing even you don't have a singer, getting the music tight and sounding great is more important then vocals.

Secondly, have you tried asking your friends if they know anyone who can sing? Placed any ads in local music shops and magazines? Can any of your members sing and play?

Good luck.
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Keep practicing put ads in the paper, music magasines etc. for a singer. Or you could try and have one of your band members sing and play.
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First of all, i wouldnt say that getting the parts right is better than the vocals.
remember that the other instruments are there to backup the singer.

if you cant get a singer... get another guitar player to play the vocals.