the highest i chould go is probaly 100$ i play mostly metal and have been looking at the weeping demon (sorry for bad grammer)
Jim Dunlop Crybaby?

EDIT: I own one I and think it's great
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dunlop, vox, and morley are all pretty good, i think morley is mostly more for higher gain stuff, the vox is more classic rock and crybabies are pretty versitile IMO, they can all be used for tons of stuff though, try and get one with true bypass whatever you do though

for you id definitely look at crybabies and maybe a couple morleys, i like crybabies for metal
Crybaby, not to many people on this site seem to like them,but if there not good enough for you dint buy a wah
Dunlop Crybaby is used by loads of top guitarists but the VOX one is also really popular.
The Dunlops are poor ways, except for maybe one or two models.

Look into the morley wahs. I own the morley tremonti power wah, and it is amazing. Huge sweep....very full tone all throughout, never gets thin or nasal! The auto on-off is an amazing feature too, which allows you to use it in many ways.

Easily beats a crybaby....by alot.