Well now, can someone suggest strings for me? I play rythm guitar, and currently use........D'addario Jazz heavy Gauge (0.49-0.11) and I love them, but Ive never tried other things OTHER than D'addario XL Light (0.42-0.09) and Fender crappy ones that came with guitar.
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I like GHS boomers. I have black diamonds currently, i bought them cause i wanted a faster slicker string and thats what the guy suggested and these things suck. definitely not worth the 13 bucks
There always ernie balls.
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ernie balls
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I like my ghs strings. on my les paul copy I got the small Zakk wylde 0.10-0.60. Like them they are good for detunned sound(in B). Next time I will test the big ones of his strings.

I have tried the Dr High voltage Dime strings on my strat. They are somehow very nice. They stay in tune from the tunning in and I got better pinch harmonics( but that could just be that I getting better at them).

I got one more set of them that I will test after I have use some GHS strings again( just to compare if they are better.)
Ernie Ball Power Slinkys are amazing strings. They give a chunky sound and last for ages and they sound new even after hours of play. They're guage 11-48.
Most of the brands are pretty decent are really personal preference (different strings just seem to react differently with different people)

my opinions on what I've tried:
D'Addario - sound way to modern for me, they play real nice when they're new, they crud up very quickly
Ernie Ball - decent, play decent too, last for a while but overall to 'average' for my likings
Dean Markley - have got this really nice deep sound to them, play well, they last for a while but become very unusable after that
Rotosound - I love these nice vinategey tone and they last for ages for me
Fenders - no idea, I had these on my guitar when I bought it but I didn't know jack about this type of stuff back then...and they had probably been sitting on the guitar for a year while it was in the store

I managed to order a pack of GHSs over the internet recently but I recently changed strings so it'll be a couple more weeks before I get to try them