Thiiis...........is the only non-serious thing I'm ever going to post in the Lyrics forum. EVER.

Basically, today me and my friend were free-style rapping to topics that people yell out. We've both been practicing for some time and we've been at it awhile, but I just had to share the rap that won the battle for me. Overall, it's not great, but there's one line in it that just killed. If you wanna delete this, that's cool. I just had to share it, because it came out of nowhere and I thought it was amazing.

Btw, the topic was "nasty hoes."

I see you standin' in da doorway rubbin' on them tits,
Suckin' on you Milkyway and pinchin' on your clit
So turn up da beat,
I ain't heard this shit in weeks,
You're drawin' nipples on your ass so I can titty-fuck
your buttcheeks,
You're a freak,
Ain't bathed in three weeks,
I liked goin' downtown til yo pussy began to reek,
Now you be shittin' on my walls,
Shittin' down my halls,
I'm goin' in for buttsex but gettin' shit up
on my balls.
Girl yo' nasty but you know that I like it.
Girl yo' nasty but you're gettin' me excited,
I just can't take it no mo'
Bitch get down on the flo'
I'm gonna show you how the paperboy knocks on the do'

Like I said, not amazing, but I'm gonna workw ith it and record it with my "rap friend" who records stuff.
Poor advice.
That is some funny ass ****, I don't have a particular liking for rap, But I enjoyed that.
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