Which is a good string thickness for a guitar that is going to be used as a slide guitar?
12's are relly good. You need something heavy or else you're gonna get a buzz.
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it's true
jazz strings are good for that... becouse they are more thick than others.
and why dont you just a slide guitar?
it would sound better.
I use 13's with a slightly high action, and it works fine. The big thing for me is tension: if the strings are too loose, they'll just sink down onto the frets from pressure.
if you're gonna use it strictly for slide, yeah, the heavier the better. i also recommend flatwound strings (probably what you guys meant by jazz strings) as they are smoother toned and won't rattle against the slide. and if this guitar is going to be used strictly for slide, you can get this thing that you can put over your nut to raise the action like on a lap steel or a squareneck dobro: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Golden-Gate-Resonator-Extension-Nut?sku=360460
this makes slide playing a lot easier--never rattle against the frets again. if you're too cheap to buy that, there's a video on this site that says you can take a smooth nail and put it on top of first fret under the strings. be very careful and loosen your strings first though or you'll scratch your fretboard/frets. i don't recommend it.
I use 12's, i prefer the unwound G for slide.
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Probably you really want the thickest strings you can put on your guitar.
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hey guys,
hey just wondering if old string start to buzz (only buzzes on a couple of frets e.g: 16th buzzes but 18th is fine