Ive been playing since September now and this has been, well, bugging me for a while now. How do you you extend a scale down the fretboard? Examples or anything along those lines would be very grateful to help my understanding. Btw im a bassist so please use examples using a 4 string only. Thanks in advance.
shouldnt this be in the bass guitar forum?
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shouldnt this be in the bass guitar forum?

The best way is to just know the notes you're using and where to find them on the fretboard.
Do you mean like this?


E major scale in two forms. First half is low on the neck, second part is an octave up. Unless you mean like this (will use E major again):


First half is the same. Second half is an octave up, but in a different position.

If it's like the second set, then you just need to learn to fretboard. Learn where all the notes are and shift the scale accordingly. Just as a refresher, major scales are formed by taking the root note, then adding these steps; WWHWWWH (ie. Root, whole step, whole step, half step).
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