These are my two choices for amps I want to buy. The Vox ad15vt or the Line 6 Spider 15. I play punk rock , classic and some groups like Angels and Airwaves, Killers and stuff. I want an amp with lots of effects because I like a bit of everything. Please help thanks
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Line 6 Spiders are utter shit in a box.

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for once i agree with everyone for an amp choice (i normally go against all the tube lovers out there, personal reasons, don't ask)

And just to make sure my point is nice and clear

The Spider II isn't bad. The cleans are really nice, but I would still go with the VOX.
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VOX! again and again i can assure you if anyone says spider they will be outnumbered
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I think it means "For the Win" and yea man vox without a doubt
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If you happen to like to sound digital, dull and boring then a Spider II

If you wan ta nice sound a Vox is the way to go!
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The line 6 is good if you are trying to imitate dieing rats
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If want some kind of self punishing amp for previous sins and bad thoughts, Line 6 Spider all the way.

But if you want nice sounds for classic rock and cleaner and a bit heavier, go for the Vox.
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