A new piece lots of snyth. The guitars are tuned to standard b the bass is e standard. I am working on the guitar solo right now, that is why there is such a prevalent rhythm in part being worked on. Kinda jazzy. I'll be happy to critique others pieces.

edit- I fixed dissonance in the guitar I set the tuning wrong and added more to it. I just relized just listening to one trance song how it effected the piece.
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Well, i didnt liek it very much to be honest....it sounds like just a bunch of riffs put one after the other, no musical transitions...work on that. Sometimes the piano and guitar playing together sound kinda like just a bunch of notes. Work on stuff like that, it could turn out good.

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Not into this kind of stuff. I like meloic stuff. I agree with November. Sounds like a bunch of random stuff thrown together. Too much disonence (sp?)
Some of the riffs are ok, but I also agree with the other 2 people who commented. It doesn't seem to have much musical direction, just a lot of riffs.
tho i'm not into this kind of music i think it's very good musically and it's not just random it's jazz(correct me if i'm wrong)! the ríffs are ugly in my taste but i can definetly imagine that some people would like it!

8/10 from the metalhead that is me

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I didnt like it that much, probably because I like more melodic types of songs.
It seems like too much is going on, and looks like it took a while to make.
But I did like the piano part at the beginning.

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I can't really give you any thing constructive not being into this type of music, but i think if you just work on your transitions, and the slight dissonance in some places, then this could turn out nice. So, 8.5/10 from me.

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