I was wondering... this is my first time ever restringing my guitar. I've got one of those P.I.T.A guitars that you have to wind the strings through the back. (It's an Ibanez GRX20) I was wondering though... which box is it? There's two boxes to unscrew... a small metal one around 5" x 5" (or a little less) and a bigger black "box". Meh, I did not see this in the "Ultimate Restringing Guide" and it was not shown in the Restringing Video so I figured it would be alright to post. Thanks.
The one that covers the bit behind the bridge (and most likely the pickups too). Right in the middle of the back of the guitar

most such guitars have holes in the back plate that covers the bridge cavity so you can change the strings without having to take the thing off
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not sure what ur unscrewing but u push string in thru the back, thru a hole, and they come out the front, thru the saddle area. (in a strat type guitar)

or wh seljer said.

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