Picked this up at a local pawn shop for $250.00.Its a 96 studio,it has a ebony boardand the pick ups are p94's,Im going to change the bridge pick up with a Pearly gate or a burst bucker.Put on new tunres.Inm not shure if i will repaint it or just put a sealer on the wood.What would you guya do to this guitar?
what's the headstock look like?
*got it with ur second pic.

does the finsh seem unsealed?
looks nice, how does it play?

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Yeah thats a great buy, anyway id paint it im a good artist so id like draw some design on it probably but if not just paint it like red or orange it would probably look cool with a sunburst if your capable of doing that
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they cost like 1200 new thats an awesome buy
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kick ass deal. if it were me id defentally replace the pick ups, add some locking tuners, and paint it. and for paint its either go for what ever color you want or do a custom paint job. like red or blue flames on a black background, the confiderate flag (if you like that). just what ever you want. post pics when your done.
that must have been the best $250 youve ever spent. Great job man!
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Dude holy ****, nice find indeed !
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What can we conclude from this thread? Pawn shops rock!
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