i have a schecter omen that i just got, and it seems that the strings are pretty tense (hard to push down) and kinda far away from the fretboard. Every one of my friends guitars are nice and they are very easy to push them and play their guitars, and they are around the same price range, (some higher and some lower price then mine). Is their anything i can to do change this and make my guitar easier to play?
solutions, lower the action, that wont do much though, detune, get smaller gauge strings
Maybe its because you just got the strings and they are brand new.. Still used to getting worn
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the strings are hybrid slinkys (9-46) and yes they are new, but they strings i had on it before did the same thing too. would this have anything to do with the truss rod?
is there a bend in the neck? That might be why th actions so high, and why its so hard to Press the strings down, couse then it would have something to do with the truss rod,
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im not sure i looked at it and i cant really tell. Ill just bring it to a local guitar shop and see what they can do with it i guess unless somebody has any more ideas
I would say the actions just to high, since the neck isn't bent, You could try lowering the bridge to lower the action, rather if you've never done that before you can take it to your local guitar shop like you said,

Also it could just be that there new strings,
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