i have 120 dlls on my pocket and want a new morley wah. i've heard good things about the bad horsie and the tremonti power wah.

first of all i've had the original crybaby and the crybaby from hell and didnt satisfied me i think i only want a wah pedal with a unique sound, not a multiequalizing sound wah. so i've searched the ones who didnt had the Q thing...

the difference i see between the bad horsie and the tremonti power wah is the volume boost on the TPW and the bad horsie doesnt have it.

to end with this....

somebody had played both pedals and could tell me how is the sound of the wah's????
I like the bad horsie, but i havent tried the power wah yet, so cant compare the two.
TEEP!!! Oiiiiiiieeeeeeeyyy!!!!!!
I've tried neither. But i'll be getting a Bad Horsie very soon.

Steve Vai didn't use his Bad Horsie much (he switched to a custom Dunlop rack wah unit recently) but it definately gives you his signature wah sound which is one of the most unique wah sounds I've ever heard.

I don't really like Tremonti's power wah. I don't like how he sounds with it either but it's all preference.

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