horrah for another guitar thread....how are these two guitars?...

the Freeway Classic:http://www.godinguitars.com/godinfreewayclassicp.htm

(i would get that one for the maple neck and fretboard and awesome looks and probably very versatile)


the Freeway Floyd: http://www.godinguitars.com/godinfreewayfloydp.htm
(nice but doesnt exactly look as appealing as the Freeway classic...then again the red has run out on my computer screen and everything is really dark)

which one is better?....how is the Floyd Rose on the Freeway Floyd?...how would the trem be on the Classic?
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I've played a freeway classic loaded with emgs before. not my favorite guitar, but it sure sounded nice in the right hands. I couldn't give jack opinion on a tremolo bar cause I never use mine.
I just got a Godin today, I feel like its gonna be my main guitar for a long time!
I personally don't like Godins much. Yeah, they're alright guitars, but they just don't feel right to me.
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I don't know. Why? It's not a Godin? My teacher told me that it was a Godin.