What are some common jazz chord progressions. I've just recently gotten into jazz and have learned some of its basics but I don't really know too many chord progs except for maybe I-vi-ii-V. So if all you theory buffs could help me out that'd be great.
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Any bands you're trying to copy/sound like?
i7 IV9 is a common little thing to jam on. ie, Am7 D9, like in Fly Me To The Moon.
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Try C, E7dim, A7, Dm7, G7, C like in All of Me.
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i7 IV9 is a common little thing to jam on. ie, Am7 D9, like in Fly Me To The Moon.

that's not i7 IV9. you're looking at it wrong. it's simply a ii-V7 in the key of G. yeah, the D is a 9, but it's the progression.

as to the question at hand.

ii-V7-I is the most common change in jazz.

Blues changes (I-IV-V)... as those changes are used more than any other as a song form

Rhythm changes (the basis being I-vi-ii-V7) but learn the whole tune... the entire format is very common

minor blues changes (i-iv-bVImaj7-V7alt)

most tunes outside of contemporary & modal can in some way be narrowed down to those so, a firm foundation in them is more valuable than anything else.

Also note that the ii-V-I is possible in major ánd minor keys. In Cmajor, for example, it would be Dmin7 - G7 - Cmaj7. In Cminor, it would be Dmin7/b5 - G7 - Cmin/maj7 (or just Cmin or Cmin7)
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