ok, i have never owned a wah pedal before, and have only ever used the wah setting on my zoom pedal...but now i think its time for me to get a real wah pedal...what would be a good one to get?...does music style matter? (blues and heavy metal and some rock...but i will mainly just use the wah for ****ing around with improvs in my room)
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I have the dunlop original cry baby and it works great for me i play a lot of metal. its durable ive had it for about 3 years now and no problems with it. its not very expensive either i think it was less than $100 (american money)
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I've only used one wah. it is the Dunlop 535Q Wah, its adjustable and all that good stuff, you can get some sweet tones from it. There are a few other options like this one just by different companys, ut they cost alot more, and i know nothing about them.

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check out a crybaby, you can get em for about $70, good for a 1st wah
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ive heard good stuff about the 535Q and i have an original crybaby that kciks ass too. also try out the ibanez weeping demon.
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ive heard good stuff about the 535Q and i have an original crybaby that kciks ass too. also try out the ibanez weeping demon.

My friend bought the Weeping Demon after I showed it to him and told him how much I wanted it, he got it to rub it in my face. Its funny because it feels delayed like you push the pedal and the actual wahing doesn't happen for like half of a second I played it for a couple of nights and its not very good.
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the original crybabies reallly arent good.

they're sweep is extremely shallow and either the treble or the bass side sounds good.

Very true.

I've got a Crybaby (but I use a Vox V848 now...), and the sweep is pretty crap, it's incredibly unsmooth to use, and sounds like crap in every position, and you need to slam it to switch it on.

Try a load of wahs out, see what you like best.
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yea the vox wah is pretty awesome
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I'm on the same bandwagon as The_Hell_Patrol, so i'll be watching this closely.

Might i ask, anyone had any experience using a Digitech EX-7 (Expression Factory)? Sounds like a pretty nifty pedal.
hmmm... the digitech seems alright but wont be able to sound good while having all those effects. its just like the argument between multi-effects and stomp boxes. as far as wah is concerned like said before the 535q crybaby is good choice also morley have good wah pedals afaik
i have a crybaby, i use mine primarily for funk stuff and i like it. Its a nice and sharp sound which suits my tastes but I know that not everyone likes it. I suggest that you try out some dunlop wahs, vox, morely (i'm 99% sure they do wah) and of course the Ibanez weeping-demon (WD-7). I have a friend with the weeping demon and he loves, he prefers the more subtle sound. And before i forget i think dime has a sig wah pedal.