hey im new to tube amps, and i got the Peavey Classic 30, the cleans are purely amazing...but im on a lack of knowledge on how to get that bluesy/classic rock -ish drive that tube amps are known for...it has post,pre, and normal gain for the channels. in order for it to drive it has to be super loud, huh? hmm...if u guys could help me with settin the gain and such on the amp that'd be great...thanx guys

BTW im lookin for that SRV-esque drive..
Nope, it doesn't have to be super loud. Think of it this way: Your "pre" is going to be the level of your distortion and your "post" is going to be your volume, so if you want a lot of drive, crank your pre up to about 3 o'clock, then use your post to set the volume you want. If that doesn't work, you'll need an overdrive pedal. But the only amps you need to dime the volume to get clipping on are the old single channel amps, like the Fender Bassman. Now, that being said, the louder you're able to set the post, the better it will sound and the more drive you'll get.
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Cool. I haven't owned a Peavey in about a decade, but that's how it worked on my old Blazer 158
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Yup that's right, the pre is the gain, and the post is the volume, but isn't the Classic a 2 channel amp?

And if you get gain, but not enough, you can just use the SD-1.
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^Not purely two channel, when you hit the button it just adds another gain stage. So it's technically one channel, but the added gainstage dirtys it up and changes the tone a bit.

Try setting the pre on 4-5/12 and the master to 4/12. If you pick hard you get some nice dynamics going on. Also, avoid the "Boost" switch, it tends to make things a bit too muddy and bassy for bluesey stuff.
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Classic 30's are awesome amps really warm sounding

oh yea you should probably change the speaker the stock one isn't all that good
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