Quick question: Does anyone know/does this before where you chop off the triangle bottom piece of strat and/or tele single coil pickups, and how it effects the sound?

And I know not to cut the wires, I'm just wondering if/how trimming the bottom piece will effect the sound.

I'm doing this to create more room in a custom guitar I'm doing and attempting to cram 5 (3 humbucker and 2 single coil) pickups in a 25.5 scale guitar with 22 frets.

gwitersnamps - Nope, 3 5-way rotarties for the humbuckers. 2 On/Off for the single coils, plus a piezo system, 3 custom active pots, a concentric for the volume and tone and a few blend pots. I'm seeing how much variety I can pump into one guitar.
It won't affect the sound; but how are you planning to do it without making the pickup vulnerable as hell?
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It shouldn't weaken the pickup to much, plus because of all the other pickups I'm cramming in there it will have a thin piece of wood between the pickups for support.

I meant that the two wires (the ridiculously thin ones) leading from the coil to the insulted wires will be exposed, and will not be on a plate like they are supposed to be, for protection (that triangle part). Those wires are fragile as hell, so unless you find a good way of protecting them, you will probably end up with dead pickups.
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Why not bend the triangle parts down?

Because you can't.