I am a guitarist.

but my friend plays bass, and he's thinking of selling this bass

its in pretty good condish, but he got it for only about 150 bucks and had it for about a year now.

He's trying to save up for a fender bass, and im telling him he wont have enough, but he needs a little reassuring
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ill give him 20 bucks
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...good luck selling. I have a fender bass. Amazingggg. Wouldn't ever get any other brand guitar or bass than fender, well other than acoustic. Fenders are amazing. $35 if he's interested Message me lol.
as people said, your not getting alot for it, i mean its a behringer dude, i used their speakers, and other live equipment before, and that was ok for the price, but the instruments, i cant even imagine how they sound, and play... probably get between 20-50 dollars maybe? im not sure', it still is a instrument... lol