been awhile since ive put up a piece here. lemme know what you think.

any comment positive or not is good. thanks in advance

oh, darling i write you
now its been one year
but dont think for a second
your voice isnt in my ear
bringing back all the memories
of mistakes and regret
and my own pointless efforts
since the day that we met

oh, darling i write you
to confront the past
and the time that has gone by
thats all gone so fast
and the long nights of wondering
just where you had gone
after i had always been waiting so long

oh darling i write you
because i cant stand
to re-see that movie
or go see that band
and i cant bear to relive
all these memories past
because life is too short
and love is too fast

oh darling i write you
cause i dont want to recall
the memories that i have
clean my mind of them all
so i can restart
with an innocent heart
oh, girl

oh darling i write you
now its been one year
and when i blow out the candles
ill hear your voice in my ear....
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hmmm not bad, not bad at all 7.5/10 good job though keep it up
Posted by:forty-six_and_2
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