I have a Epiphone G400 in cherry redfor those who don't what that looks like I'll post a link to a pic (don't know how to post pics).


What Kind of mods would be cool?
I like The LED idea. I also Would like to turn the guitar blue. Maybe add some custom logos. but I can't think of anything good for it while it is red. What do you think?
a fun project is always painting it. Prime, paint, gloss, polish, put it back together. Nice and simple but gets you to know your guitar better.

Cut switches are easy to do too. buy a simple 3 prong switch, hook up 2 next to eachother with the live going to the input and the other to the ground, drill a hole thats the width of your switch and screw it in, gives you the whole van halen sound, plus cuts off the feedback while your playing with distortion and need it quiet for a second.

Other than that, be creative, look around on www.projectguitar.com for ideas, they have tons of cool paintjobs and stuff. Have fun and if you need help, PM me.
It kills the signal. It's a mute switch.
I've got the same guitar, I've changed the pickups, tuners, and the electronics. One of these days I'm gonna rerout and put in some p90's.
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When Painting a guitar I have that you are supposed to laquer it and i have hear that you are supposed to clear coat it. Which one am I supposed to do?