So I recently picked up Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's most recent album - Howl - on recommendation from a friend. I really enjoy it. It's kind of all over the place stylistically, but that's cool. Especially since T-Bone Burnett worked on it, and he's a ****ing god.

Anyway, I was told that this sort of folk/country/blues/Traditional American music approach was a completely different sound than the band's earlier material, so I was wondering what their other stuff does, in fact, sound like, and is it worth picking up?
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Their early albums are more punkish but still melodicly driven. Check out the song "Whatever Happened to My Rock and Roll." It's excellent. But overall I love where they've gone with Howl, it's a great album in my opinion.
'take them on your own' is a really good record. i would recommened that heavily, same with their first album.
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