Hey guys im just trying to get a little more versitile with my Guitar Playing. Can you guys name some fun, great, simple Blues Songs that i should learn??? THANK YOU!!!
Lord send me an angel, originally by like blind willy or something but the white stripes did a cover of it and its a lot of fun to play
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It's not really Blues per se but Deep Purple has a lot of blues based stuff. Black Sabbath does too. Even Joe Satriani's songs are bluesy.

Bluesy songs:
Smoke on the water. Highway Star

Wicked World, N.I.B

Why, Ceremony

Just listen to the songs and find the parts you can play. Each artist/band has way more songs you would probably like but try these.
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The Buddy Guy version of Mary had a little lamb is a really simple classic blues song. And, when you get better you can move on to the SRV version. Fenderplayersclub.com has a nice lessons area where I learned Mary had a little lamb.

Life by the drop by SRV is also pretty simple, and sounds great.
Lenny by SRV is an awesome song pretty easy and really fun
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Pride and Joy by Stevie Ray Vaughan is about as blues as it gets
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rl burnside, jelly roll kings, bob log III, little axe, t-model ford, junior kimbrough are all blues stuff to look into if ya want